Cameras FAQ

Is the Cync Indoor Camera wire-free?

The indoor camera uses a USB power adapter that must be plugged into an outlet, so it’s always on and ready to detect what’s happening. It uses Wi-Fi to connect to the cloud and enable live-streaming, real-time alerts, and clip recording.

What is the length of the electrical cord? 

9 feet

How does the camera save user videos?

Data privacy is extremely important to us. We are giving our users two options based on their personal preferences. You can use a microSD card (sold separately) which allows you to store video locally on the camera and retrieve it securely via the Cync app. Alternatively, the Cam Cync subscription allows video to be backed up and accessed from anywhere via secure cloud storage. For an extra layer of security, two-factor authentication is always required when using the Cync app to view live streams or stored clips.

Does the camera require a subscription or a monthly fee? 

No. Users without a Cam Cync subscription can still view live video, use two-way talk, filter alerts by sound, motion, or people detection, and other great features. Adding a Cam Cync subscription or an optional microSD card for local storage (sold separately) enables clip recording so you never miss a moment.

Can I buy one subscription for multiple cameras, or do I need a subscription for each Cync camera? 

Each camera requires its own subscription at this time.

Does the Cync Indoor Camera work with voice assistants? 

The camera works with Alexa and Google. First, pair the camera to the Cync app. Then, enable Alexa or Google through the Alexa or Google Home apps.

Can I view the livestream through the Alexa app and its voice assistant? 

You can view your camera's livestream through the Alexa app and the Alexa voice assistants that have a screen, like the Alexa Show. You can also enable two-way talk via compatible Alexa devices.

Can I view the livestream through the Google Home app and its voice assistant? 

You can view your camera's livestream through the Google Home app and the Google Assistant devices that have a screen, like the Nest Hub.

Can the camera be used at night? 

Yes, our camera has automatic night vision included so you can capture videos at nighttime. Note that placing the camera looking through a window will cause issues when using night vision. If using the camera in this way, we suggest turning off the night vision feature in settings.

Why is there a light ring halo when using night vision? 

This happens when you don't remove the protective cover on the front camera shutter. Remove this cover and the light ring halo will go away.  

Can I use this camera outdoors? 

No, the Cync Indoor Camera is rated for indoor use only. 

Can I control the privacy shutter from my phone? 

The physical privacy shutter on the camera can only be controlled from the physical camera. However, you can enable and disable privacy mode from the Cync app when the physical privacy shutter is not pushed up and blocking the camera lens.

Can the Cync Indoor Camera be placed facing out a window to capture outside activity? 

Yes, but automatic night vision will cause image distortion when the camera is facing out of a window due to reflection. If placing the camera in this way, we suggest turning off night vision in settings.

Does the camera record and send notifications when motion is detected? 

Yes, when motion is detected the camera will begin recording and send a notification to Cync users who share access to the camera within the Cync app.

Will the camera only notify me if a person is detected, or does it notify me for all motion activity?

You can choose to be notified of sound and/or motion events. You can additionally enable person detection, which filters motion alerts so that they are only triggered when a person is detected (as opposed to a tree branch moving or a dog walking in front of the camera).

Can I view multiple live feeds at the same time? 

Yes! On the home screen of your Cync app, you can see live preview videos of multiple cameras at once.

Can I use the Cync Indoor Camera without Wi-Fi? 

No, a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network connected to the internet is required to use the camera. Note that very slow internet speeds will likely impact the functionality of the camera, such as issues loading live streams or recording clips with the Cam Cync subscription.

Can I mount the camera on a ceiling? 

Yes! You can mount the camera on a ceiling, and you can enable a 180-degree image flip in the settings menu to show the image right-side up in the app.

Can I manually record video or take pictures?

Yes, there are buttons to both take a screenshot as well as record a video when viewing the live stream. These images and videos are stored to your phone’s camera roll.