Cync App FAQ

Where can I download the new Cync app?

The Cync app will be available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Which mobile operating systems does the new Cync app support?

iOS 14+
Android 8+

Can I still use the original C by GE app if my mobile operating system doesn’t support the new Cync app?

Yes, we will support the C by GE app for a period of time after the release of the Cync app. For the best experience, we encourage you to update your phone's operating system to the latest compatible version and download Cync.

If I’m an existing C by GE user, is there anything I need to do to transfer my devices and account to the new app?
The Cync app requires that your phone is using iOS 14+ or Android 8.0+. Update your C by GE app to the newest version, from the App Store or Google Play Store. If you have auto updates enabled, this will happen automatically.

Will all my existing C by GE Devices, Locations, Rooms, Automations and Scenes save when I download the Cync app?

Yes, all of your current settings will transfer over to the new Cync app when you update.

Will all C by GE devices work in the new Cync app?

Yes, all current C by GE devices will continue to work in the Cync app.

I already linked my C by GE account with Alexa or Google for voice control. Will it still work?

Yes, all C by GE products linked with Alexa and Google for voice control will continue to work just as they do today, with no need to take action. You will not need to re-link or add a new skill for Cync products either – they’ll use the same connection you already have with C by GE for voice control. The only thing that will change over time is the branding of the skill or linked accounts inside the Alexa and Google Home apps.

Does the Cync app work with HomeKit?

All current HomeKit integrations via the C-Reach hub will continue to be supported in the Cync app. We are evaluating the potential expansion of HomeKit compatibility for other products and will make an announcement on future plans when appropriate.

Can I share my Cync account with other people, and how many?

Yes, you can have guest users on your Cync account to share control over your Cync smart home. You can share your account with as many people as you'd like. 

Is the app compatible with iPads or tablets? 

The Cync app is compatible with iPads, but currently not with tablets. 

Does the app work with other smart home brands?

No, currently the Cync app is only compatible with Cync or C by GE devices. However, you can link your Cync account to Google or Alexa for voice control, which enables you to control Cync or C by GE devices alongside products from other smart home brands.

I had schedules saved in the C by GE app. Where can I view them in the Cync app?

We've simplified how you create and save Scenes and Schedules. After logging into the Cync app, tap Scenes in the top right corner of your home screen. Your Schedules are now saved as Scheduled Scenes. You can edit your scheduled scenes by tapping the three dots and tapping Edit

Where can I set a schedule for my Cync devices? 

First, create a Scene by tapping Scenes in the top right corner of your home screen. Create your Scene, then you will be asked if you want to Schedule the Scene

How many smart devices can I set up in the Cync app?

If you have a C-Reach in your app Location, you can have up to 32 Cync or C by GE lights set up in that location. C-Reach is compatible with all Cync and C by GE light bulbs (A19 and BR30) and light strips.

If you have a Sol in your app location, you can have up to 50 C by GE Soft White and Tunable White light bulbs in that location. Sol is compatible with Soft White and Tunable White (A19 and BR30) light bulbs.

If you do not have a C-Reach or Sol in your app location, you can have up to 50 Cync or C by GE lights, plugs, switches and wire-free devices in that location. 

Can I share access to my Cync smart home with other people in my house? 

Yes, you can invite guest users to have access and control over your Cync smart devices. Guest users will be able to control devices, but will not be able to configure your smart home. Meaning they cannot edit any of your scenes, schedules, or account settings. 

Can I sign into my account from multiple devices at once? 

Yes, you can sign into your Cync account on multiple devices at the same time. 

Can I view and control my Cync smart home from a desktop computer? 

No, but you will be able to log into your Cync account from to access your Cync Indoor Camera subscriptions. 

Is the Cync app compatible with iPads or tablets?

The Cync app is compatible with iPads. Currently, it is not compatible with tablets. 

What is the difference between a Room and Group? 
Rooms and Groups allow you to organize your Cync smart home and decide what devices you want to control at the same time. When you create a Room, you have the option to create a Group within that Room for even more customized control. 
Rooms: Assigning Cync devices to a Room will allow you to control all the Cync devices assigned to that room at the same time. For example, when turning devices ON or OFF from the Room tile in the app will turn all devices in that Room, and Groups within that Room ON or OFF. Also, if you have a Wire-Free Remote assigned to a Room, and you press the ON button, it will turn all the devices in that Room, and Groups within that Room ON. 
Groups: Creating a Group within a Room allows you to control a set of devices together but separately from the whole room. For example, assign your table lamps and a smart switch to a Group to control them independently without affecting the other smart devices in the same Room. 
Learn more about Room and Group Control