Installing Indoor Cameras

The Cync Indoor Camera can be placed on a flat surface or mounted to a wall.

Setting Camera on Flat Surface

If you are setting the camera on a shelf, or flat surface, remove the mounting bracket at the base of the camera.


Mounting to Wall

There are two mounting options when installing the Cync Indoor Camera: Mount with Screws or Mount with Adhesive. 


IMPORTANT: Install the mounting bracket with the cable hook facing down. 



IMPORTANT: The camera can be positioned right side up, or right side down. It cannot be positioned sideways. 

If it’s mounted upside down, there is a setting in the app to flip the image so you are seeing it right side up in the app. Go to: Under Manage Devices, Select Camera, then Edit this Device. Select Camera settings and Flip Video.


Helpful Hints

  • The camera uses infrared lights for night vision. When night vision is in use, it is best to avoid having the camera looking through a window or other transparent materials as a clear image may not be captured.
  • If you are using a Micro SD Card, we recommend inserting the card into the camera before mounting out of reach.