Installing Light Strips

How to install your Cync Light Strip.

1. Measure the area where you are installing the light strip.

2. Based on the length needed, either trim or extend (light strip extension sold separately).

If you trim:

  • Make sure the strip is not plugged in at the wall when cutting.
  • Only trim the strip where shown on image below. Other areas will permanently damage the strip.
  • The part that is cut from the strip is no longer usable.
  • Once the strip is trimmed, you will not be able to connect the extension.

If you extend:

  • Make sure the strip is not plugged in at the wall prior to attaching extension.
  • Remove plastic cover from end to link strips.
  • Light strip can be extended up to 32 ft.
  • When using the connectors, arrows must be aligned with the top of the strip to ensure the extension is connected correctly.

3. Before you install, it’s important to understand the bending options:

Light Strip Bending Options

4. Clean and dry the surface where you are installing the light strip to entire the surface is free of any oil contamination.

5. Peel off tape from the back of the light strip.

NOTE: You should try to avoid reusing the adhesive. If you need to move your light strip, or reinstall it after installation, you may want to consider using a double-sided adhesive tape. 


6. Stick to surface. Press and hold for at least 10 seconds to firmly adhere the strip to the surface. Repeat this every 6 inches to ensure the entire length of the strip has adhered to the surface.

Note: Adhesive may damage walls or painted surfaces if removed.