Control Devices Away From Home

Control your Cync devices when you're not home for peace of mind.

To control your devices out of home, you must have a Wi-Fi device setup in your home. You cannot control your devices out of home if you only have Bluetooth only devices in  your home.


Devices that can be controlled away from home without an additional device: 

Any Cync or C by GE device that is Wi-Fi enabled can be controlled away from home out of the box. Wi-Fi devices include: 

  • Direct Connect Light Bulbs
  • Direct Connect Light Strips
  • Wired Switches
  • Indoor Smart Plugs
  • Outdoor Smart Plugs
  • Cameras


Devices that need an additional device to enable out-of-home control: 

Our Bluetooth only lights can only be controlled away from home when there is a Cync Wi-Fi device (listed above) paired to the Cync app. Bluetooth only devices include: 

  • Bluetooth Light Bulbs 
  • Bluetooth Light Strips 


Devices that can not be controlled out-of-home: 

Our Wire-Free devices can not be controlled away from home because they are battery powered and are normally in a sleep state to conserve battery power. These include: 

  • Wire-Free Remotes 
  • Wire-Free Switches 
  • Wire-Free Motion Sensor 



If you're having issues controlling your devices while away from home:

  • Confirm your phone is connected to the internet.
  • Refresh app home screen and wait 15 seconds for devices to connect.
  • Force close the Cync app, then reopen the app.
  • Logout of the Cync app, then log back in.