Room Settings

Edit your app room and it's devices within app settings.

When pairing Cync or C by GE devices to the Cync app, you will be prompted to create an App Room to assign your smart devices to. You can edit the name of your rom and the devices assigned to it at any time under Settings. 

  • Choose Settings in the upper left corner of your app's home screen.
  • Select Rooms and Devices.
  • Select the room you want to edit from the list.

GEL Rooms-Devices - D1.0a

Global Devices: C-Reach Smart Bridge is a hub for an entire App Location. This shows up under Global Devices. 

Unassigned Devices: Cync or C by GE devices that are not assigned to an App Room will display under Unassigned Devices. 

  • Select Name to edit the Name of your Room. 
  • Select Groups to edit your App Groups
  • Select View Devices to edit your smart devices in that Room. 

GEL Rooms - Edit Den - D1.1a

You can also delete the App Room from this screen. Keep in mind that deleting a room will also require you to manually factory reset any devices before setting them up again with the Cync app.