Scenes and Schedules

Create the perfect scene with your Cync smart products. Set the scenes with one touch or schedule them to turn on automatically. 

How to Create a Scene

  1. Tap the Scenes menu item on your Home screen in app
  2. Tap the + icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Scenes screen
  3. Select either Fast Capture or Build New 

Fast Capture

Fast Capture: Creates a Scene based on the current state of your smart devices.

    1. Name your Scene (i.e. Midnight Blue, Game Night, I'm Home, Reading, etc.). 
    2. Select the Room(s) you want to capture for this scene. 
    3. Choose to enable a Schedule for this Scene, or skip. You can Schedule your Scene later by editing the Scene. 
    4. Add a photo to represent your Scene 

Build New: Allows you to manually build a Scene by selecting your smart products and  choosing their color, brightness or on/off state. This option will not alter the current state of your smart products.

    1. Name your Scene (Midnight Blue, Game Night, I'm Home, Reading, etc).
    2. Select the Rooms and Devices you want to include in this scene.
    3. Choose each device's setting for the Scene.
    4. Choose to create a Schedule for this Scene, or skip. You can automate this scene later by Editing the Scene.
    5. Select or add a photo for the background of your Scene. 

How to Edit or Delete a Scene

  1. Tap Scenes on your Cync home screen. 
  2. Slide the Scene card to the left by tapping the chevron icon to view options.
  3. Tap the pencil icon to edit or the trash can icon to delete the Scene.

How to Create a Schedule 

  1. Tap Scenes on the Cync app home screen. 
  2. Tap the Scene you want to schedule.
    1. IMPORTANT: You must Create a Scene before you can Create a Schedule. 
  3. Select the Start Time and Days you want your Scene to turn ON. 
  4. If you want to Schedule this Scene to turn OFF, you will need to create a new Scene with those same devices selected and set those devices to OFF. Then, select the Start Time and Days you want the Scene to turn OFF. 



    How to Disable a Schedule without Deleting a Scene 

    To disable the Schedule for a Scene:

    1. From the Scenes screen, tap the chevron to view options.
    2. Tap the edit icon.
    3. Choose Next until you are on the Edit Schedule screen.
    4. Uncheck the Schedule Enabled option to disable the Schedule. You can enable the schedule later by following the same steps.

    Helpful Hints

    • If you've transitioned from the C by GE app to the Cync app, all automations you created in C by GE can now be found under Scenes. Automations and Scenes have been combined into one simple-to-use feature. 
    • You will see a clock icon appear on the Scene when the Schedule is enabled for it.
    • If you would like to use Scenes to automatically turn smart devices on and off, you will need to create two Scenes and enable the Schedule on each. The first Scene will be to turn the devices ON automatically by enabling the Schedule. The second Scene will be to turn devices OFF automatically with the Schedule enabled.