Setting Up Wire-Free Smart Switches

How to setup your Cync and C by GE Wire-Free Smart Switch in the Cync app.

Pairing to the CYNC App

Follow these steps to setup your Wire-Free Smart Switch in the Cync app:

  1. Open the Cync app
  2. Select “Add Devices” at the bottom of your home screen
  3. Select the device type “Wire-Free Switches” and follow the instructions on the app screens

If you want your smart switch to control other Cync and C by GE devices (like plugs, lights and other switches), assign these devices to the same Room or Group as the smart switch.


Helpful Tips

  • The switch LED indicator must be in set up mode to setup in the Cync app. The switch is in set up mode when the LED is blinking blue. If it is not blinking blue, simply press any button on the switch until it starts blinking blue.



  • Why can't the app locate my Wire-Free Smart Switch? 
    • Confirm that you are selecting the “Wire-Free Switches” device type during setup
    • Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is turned on.
    • Make sure your phone is within 25 feet of the switch.
    • Confirm the battery pull tab is removed and the switch is in set up mode (LED light is blinking blue).
    • Force close the Cync app, then reopen the app and try again.
  • Why do I need to update my devices in app?
    • It is important to keep your device’s firmware updated regularly. This will ensure that the devices are functioning properly and all your smart products work together to provide the best user experience.
  • Why did an update fail during setup?
    • There are many reasons why a firmware update may have failed during execution. If a failed update occurs, try the update again. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, then one of these common issues may be the cause:
      • Ensure your phone is connected to the internet using either mobile data or Wi-Fi.
      • Check that Bluetooth is enabled on your smart phone. Bluetooth only devices need Bluetooth enabled to update firmware.
      • Do not close the app while firmware updates are in progress. This will cancel the update.
      • Stand closer to your device. When updating firmware, ensure you are no more than 40 feet from the device.

If these tips do not resolve your issue, you may need to factory reset your device. Resetting the device will require you to set it up in the app again. Any settings, scenes, or schedules for the device will be deleted.