Preview your smart devices without being in the same room.

Exclusive to Savant Systems, TrueImage is now available in the Cync app! TrueImage allows you to preview changes you make to your Cync smart devices without being in the same room. Setup is quick and simple. TrueImage can be applied to Smart Lights, Smart Wired Switches, Plugs, and Groups with these devices in them.



If you haven't downloaded or setup your Cync devices in the app: 

  1. Download the Cync app.
  2. Setup your Cync device in the app.
  3. Assign your device to an app Room, then a Group within that Room.

After you've downloaded the app and completed device setup: 

  1. Locate the Group or Device Tile you'd like to apply TrueImage to in the Cync app.
  2. Tap the chevron on the Group or Device Tile to view the camera icon.
  3. Tap the camera icon to begin TrueImage setup.
  4. Follow the app prompts to take photos of your devices and complete TrueImage.

Adding TrueImage will update the background of the Tile to show the photo you captured during setup.

Control your devices from the Group or Device Tile and preview the changes real-time in app with TrueImage.

Helpful Hints

  • TrueImage can only be applied to Groups and individual devices - smart lights, smart wired switches and smart plugs. You can reassign your devices to a Group if you'd like to use the TrueImage feature.