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Two-Factor Authentication

To help keep your account secure, we've enabled two-factor authentication when signing into the Cync app. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure the email you are using with your Cync account is a valid email you have access to. If you do not have access to this email address, you will not have access to the two-factor authentication code and log into your Cync account.  

  • When signing into your Cync app, you will be prompted to enter a verification code. 

2 Factor Authentication - Resend Verification Disabled - D1.0.b

  • The verification code will be sent to the email address associated with your Cync account.
2 Factor Authentication - Popup Alert - D1.0.a
  • Check your email. Input the verification code you received from Cync. Tap Verify

2 Factor Authentication - D1.2.a

After successfully submitting the verification code, you will be taken to your Cync home screen.