Using Motion to Control Smart Devices

Control your Cync smart devices with motion.

What Cync or C by GE devices use Motion Control? 

We have three CYNC or C by GE smart motion devices: 

  • Wire-Free Motion Sensor
  • 3-Wire Motion Sensing + Dimmer Switch (No Neutral switch)
  • 4-Wire Motion Sensing + Dimmer Switch (required Neutral wires) 


What Cync Smart Devices can I control with motion? 

All CYNC and C by GE Smart Devices can be controlled with motion excluding the C-Reach, Sol Lamp, and Wire-Free Devices.


How do I control my Cync Smart Devices with a Cync Motion Device? 

  • Simply assign your Cync smart devices and the Cync Motion Device to the same Room or Group in the Cync app.
  • If you assign these devices to the same Room, your motion sensor will control all the Cync devices assigned to that Room. If you want to control a select group of devices with a motion sensor, simply move those specific devices into a Group within that app Room. 

NOTE: If a motion sensor is assigned to a Room that has one or more Groups, that motion sensor will control all those Groups and the devices assigned to them. Think of it as a master motion sensor for your Room! 

⇒Room and Group Details  

⇒ How to Move Devices to Rooms or Groups 


What are some ways I can control my Cync Smart Devices with motion? 

Update your motion sensor settings to personalize what your motion sensor does for you. Whether you want to set it to a schedule, edit the sensitivity, enable an ambient light threshold - the choice is yours!